The Cover Story

What I Want You To Believe

Robert Bronzite
11 July 1983
Presumably, if you're actually reading this block of text, you're searching for some clue as to my real identity. I suppose I could list my real name here, but that would make things a bit easy on you, and besides, I'm told that listing your real name on a site as widely trafficked as LiveJournal is a bad move. Googling this URL or Robert Bronzite will not lead you far, and you'll almost certainly end up back here, so I'll save you the trouble. Checking my group membership won't yield many clues, save my membership in massacademy, if that means anything to you, and my Schools entry indicates I was in the Class of 1999, going on to WPI. For reference, there are only 3 men who fit that criteria. I'll leave it to you to determine which one I am.

Current Earth-Destruction Status