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Missing Friends - The Cover Story
October 2013
Tue, Jan. 8th, 2002 12:00 am
Missing Friends

Well, its 0642 in the morning, but that's OK. Last night I got the wireless LAN card for TITUS. I requested an IP Address from WPI, so now I have titus.ind.wpi.edu. Very cool. I can't wait to get to WPI so I can try it out. Once I have the connection itself working, I can try to get AIM and email working as well.

I also find myself feeling a little sad. Everybody is coming back to WPI now, all of my old friends I wanted to see over break are going back to school. I haven't seen most of them. School is going to restart in 2 days, and I have done nothing but work my patootski off the entire break. I can count four days of the twenty-one as "off" days, and of those, three were spent at my father's, so I really couldn't see my friends then. Such frustration. I wonder if this is how the rest of my life is going to be...

Well, on the plus side, I'm going to meet my tuition goal. $5200 out of pocket will clean out my account, but I'll make it. Just in time to start saving up for next year. I still need to figure out my schedule for C Term. I learned yesterday that I got into Applied Stats, so I have my last math course. That is good. It has a 2 hour lab at 0800 on Wendnesday. That is bad. That means I won't be getting to work until at least 1100 on Wendnesdays. On the plus side, I have no afternoon classes on Tuesday and Friday, so I can try to work those times. What's that sucking sound? Oh, yeah, that's the balance of my social life going away.

Sometimes I wonder what it'll be like to read this later. It seems to me that I am rather negative in this journal. Which I don't really appreciate. I used to be such a happy person. Oh well. I guess it was just a matter of time before the combination of WPI and Checkerboard showed me just how much work I'll have to do. So many other people at WPI are so lucky to have somebody picking up the tab for them. Sometimes I wonder if I didn't have to work, if I could be pulling the kinds of grades at WPI I pulled in high school. It seems a cruel irony that as my course load gets harder, and my course numbers rise into the 4000's, that I have to step up my hours to cover the immense tuition bills. Both WPI and Checkerboard require more time than I can spare, and so first my social life, and now my sleeping habits are suffering for it. I wonder where the end is, or even if there is one?

There I go again, getting pulled back down into feeling sorry for myself. Argh. I guess I should probably take stock of all the good things that have happened to me recently. Let's see.

I got to hang out with Adam and Tom over break. However, Adam is now in California and Tom is going back to school. I saw Rachael again over break. However, she is leaving for Scotland in a month, and we did not depart on the best of terms. I got nifty video games for Christmas. However, none of them run on my computer. Irma stopped talking to me. But is losing a friend because they hurt you whenever you speak a good thing? OK, so in the final analysis, two of my closest friends are going thousands of miles away, and all I have to do with myself is to drown myself in my rather considerable workload and hope that whatever part of my social life needs more attention dies of starvation before it can drag my studies down with it.

In other news, I got my schedule up for C Term. I'm taking Applied Stats, Rhetoric, and finishing my MQP. I'm also taking Basic Water Safety (in the dead of winter... go figure). That means I'll be pulling 15 hours a week during C Term, plus the six hours I work each Sunday. 21 hours. Wow. Well, I'll be making good money at least. I really should learn how to drive. And this term I need to focus. So much to do, and so little time. I really need to put aside my social goals until I clear this term. I wonder if I have the self-discipline to do that.