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Back to Work - The Cover Story
October 2013
Wed, Jan. 2nd, 2002 12:00 am
Back to Work

Although the day is not over yet, I am very pleased with myself today. I accomplished a number of goals at Checkerboard that have been bothering me for some time. Perhaps by tomorrow my assignment will be ready to enter testing. I am currently finishing the soft-hold and hard-hold code for the Shipping system, but I still need a method of testing it, given that UPS WorldShip does not seem inclined to install on my computer. Perhaps when I report in on Sunday I will be able to hijack the actual shipping computer long enough to confirm I have functionality there. That aside, I have done well.

Today I got a message from Jennifer, asking me the URL of this log. I told her I was updating it regularly last night. I don't know if she plans to keep reading it or just wanted to read it for novelty. Perhaps time will tell. I have decided that despite the fact this is not my-eyes-only anymore, I will continue to write my mind as I think it. Given my first entry was rather negative in connotation, I hope it won't dissuade her from me. For a person I've never met, I've revealed a considerable amount of my personal life and thoughts to her. Tactically, I know this is a bad idea, but instinctively I suspect I can trust her. The worst case scenario, I imagine, is that I scare the living daylights out of her and she simply stops talking to me, but seems unlikely to me. There is probably a worst-case scenario I haven't thought of yet in which this URL falls into the hands of somebody who really should not have it, but I would rather not think about such things.

In other news, I paid my tuition today. I forgot the exact amount, so I overpaid on the card. Fortunately, next year will reflect my credit. Now I just need to remember to go to the accounting department when I return to school to transfer a few hundred onto my card. If all goes well, I will be living well without zeroing my bank account.

When I got home tonight, I need to work on both my GDC project (currently developing a 1942-clone for the next GA) and my MQP (POIM!). I think I'll do some of the modeling for the GDC project tonight. Its more fun. I have to be sure to turn in early, because I haven't been getting enough sleep lately. Staying up to 2300 on a work night is a poor idea.

Tonight Irma called me up. She wanted to get together this break. She gave me a long song and dance about how we should stay friends and she's put a lot of effort into our friendship and she feels I'm not doing my part. I derive no joy from talking with her, and in fact, I usually end up feeling pretty bad about myself after conversations with her. I'm thinking that our relationship has degraded to the point where I would do better without any contact from her.

She made a big show of mocking me for being lonely. "Its your fault, you know", she said. "You can't get a girlfriend," she added. Its bad enough I have to deal with these problems, but to have her just call up and start belittling my delimmas, I don't need that from anybody. On the plus side, Adam is really the last nessecary connection to Irma I have, and he's leaving for the Silicon Valley Project Center on 6 January 2002. Perhaps I can make a clean break from this menace.

The other point she brought up (and, indeed, literally yelled at me over phone about for 15 minutes), was that she wanted a direct answer, yes or no, to "Will you put in the effort to be my friend?" There's a trap question if ever I saw one. If I say yes, then whenever she's not getting enough attention, she can blame me for not putting in enough effort, and if I say no, she'll keep bugging me to pay more attention to her. I don't know what to do about this.