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The Philadelphia Report - The Cover Story
October 2013
Mon, Nov. 22nd, 2004 11:57 am
The Philadelphia Report

So this weekend I took a trip to historic Philadelphia to visit ultimatepsi and see the historic and cultural sights of the city. I rolled into town around 1730 on Friday evening, and by pure happenstance ran into my hostess as I was walking out of the subway station. The first night I got situated, filed the necessary paperwork for me to stay at the dorms at the University (the security there is impressive). After I was grounded, we went out to eat and, after having to abandon our primary objective due to inordinate wait times, we ended up eating at this small but busy Greek sandwich shop. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich on pita. To my considerable surprise, they served me a grilled chicken sandwich on pita. Not in pita. On pita. I was able to bend and hold the sandwich enough to keep it roughly intact while I ate, and even was able to stow a bit for breakfast the following morning. That evening we saw a disturbing play put on by the school's experimental theatre company, which offered a live demonstration of psychological torture techniques and quotes by Chairman Mao.

On Saturday, we headed for the Philadelphia Museum of Science, which was very interesting. They had an exhibit of artifacts recovered from the Titanic, but I didn't want to go because A) I'm opposed to salvaging the wreck, (The ship is lost. Captain said so. Get over it.) and B) that exhibit was another ten bucks to get into. We did, however, get to watch a great show at the planetarium, and walk through the balance of the exhibits in the museum. The aviation exhibit was incredible, and even had one of those blue angels simulators, although I thought the line was a bit more than I could justify going through to get on, given there was so much else to see in the museum. Interestingly, they had a number of exhibits on Chaos Theory in one wing of the museum, which was really cool until I discovered that at least one of the experiments was horribly rigged (magnets don't work the same both ways). However, dropping balls repeated from twelve feet is fun.

Saturday night we went to a wonderful Moroccan restaurant in the south-east historic district. The restaurant was an fascinating "meal-on-rails" experience, where your major choice of the evening was what you wanted to drink. Once you had your drink for the evening, the staff paraded seven course before you, first one of bread and several vegetable and chili dips. After the dip came a rather disturbing chicken omelet (for those of you who don't know, eggs go together like porpoises and coffee mugs). The next few courses I can't really recall, except for the beef shiskabob, the fruit basket, and the baklava that filled out the meal. It was fascinating, and allowed ultimatepsi to execute a devious plan against me that she will pay for. Oh yes, she will indeed pay.

Sunday we brunched at a diner called the White Dog near UPenn, which is linked to a merchandising outlet called the Black Cat. The menu there was very sparse, but I was able to enjoy my buttermilk pumpkin pancakes with grapefruit juice. Throughout the weekend, as is our wont, we played various board games that ultimatepsi has in great supply. I finally learned Carcassonne, which was as much fun as I had heard, and Ideology, which is broken with two players. We also played a number of simple board games from a book of simple board games ultimatepsi had with her. We played Fandango, which tended to be decisive, Roundabout, where I tended to get stomped on, Dalmation Pirates and Volga Bulgars, which saw the greatest choke since the Sox beat the Yankees, and finally, 3-D tic-tac-toe, where we would play until I did something stupid enough to cost me the game. After a while we grew bored of a mere three dimensions and designed and created a board for 4-D tic-tac-toe (I have since found a java implementation of the game we played), and played on that. By the time we finished that exercise, it was just about time for me to catch that big Greyhound north, so off I went. I made it home, declared victory, and hit the sack.

I noticed, too late as it turns out, that USS New Jersey is docked just across the river from the city, and I missed it. Oh well, just have to go back another day.

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Mon, Nov. 22nd, 2004 05:28 pm (UTC)

You have told us there was a devious plan. What was the devious plan? There will be no peace until I know of the devious plan...

Kate Nineteen
Mon, Nov. 22nd, 2004 07:52 pm (UTC)

I managed to pay for dinner!

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Mon, Nov. 22nd, 2004 08:27 pm (UTC)

its truely a miracle

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