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[GAMING] How I Finally Stopped - The Cover Story
October 2013
Tue, Apr. 21st, 2009 11:22 pm
[GAMING] How I Finally Stopped

So, yeah, I think I'm done with World of Warcraft. Its been sliding for a while, but I was holding out for the latest patch, hoping that it would provide some exciting new gameplay I could get into. A new dungeon was being presented, and so this evening we rounded up our guild members and went in.

We arrived in the Ulduar dungeon a bit before 2000 this evening. We had decided in advance to make the run a "blind" run, i.e., not checking documentation, just trying things out and learning the mechanics. The first thing we ran across was a friendly base full of vehicles. Awesome. We ran about looking at things, and eventually tried rolling out in the various tanks we had been granted. To my chagrin, one or two of our players started looking up instructions online for dealing with every threat we came across, and expounding on how those threats should be handled like they were the voice of God himself. I gritted my teeth and restrained myself from telling them to shut up over the channel, but tried valiantly to drop hints that I was serious when I said those things about learning the dungeon instead of reading the HOWTO earlier, but there were only deaf ears.

As we went on, I found that I was getting beaten up a lot faster than my colleagues -- I was forced to pull my tank back from the line time and again, which at first I just attributed to my very aggressive play style. After a few minutes, somebody noticed my tank had rather lower maximum hitpoints than those driven by my fellow party members -- about 20% of everybody elses, in fact. It seems that rather than vehicles being the great equalizer, as they are in almost every other FPS, RPG, and even in other parts of WoW, in this circumstance, they scaled to your equipment stats, and extraordinarily harshly at that (my gear, while slightly inferior to my friends, is only perhaps 5-10% so by individual stats). I was apparently below some cut-off that caused even the crunchiest of my fellow party-members to have vehicles five times tougher than mind. As a result, I spent the rest of the section (some two hours) regulated to a single turret position as we had a great boss encounter that required a number of interesting tasks, none of which I could perform because all I could do without hosing our host was to plink away with my little cannon at the Big Bad Boss.

At that stage, I had about had it, but after two arduous hours, we finally killed the damn thing and looted it. We moved on to the next encounter, a rather interesting dragon fight in which the dragon is flying on high and has infantry support that must be dealt with, anti-air weapons that must be managed, and so on. It also allowed me to fill my more traditional role of tanking lots of bad guys who are trying to eat my healers and damage-dealers, which pleased me. The final indignity that pushed me over the edge was at the end of the second fight, the last attempt of the night anyways, in which all of my party members but me were killed as our tactical situation came apart, but rather than killing me, too, the entire army of bad guys, our NPC helpers, and the dragon we were fighting all despawned and reset the encounter with me still standing there at 80% health.

Yep, that's it. I'm done. I handed over the Guild Leader position and logged out. I was once able to pretend that WoW was a vehicle for storytelling and interesting challenges, that I could go into an instance with some friends and we could all contribute, and there would be neat toys and variations that enhanced the gameplay experience. No, this was bull, particularly the vehicles-geared-to-equipment shenanigans. I ran on the damned hamster-wheel so that I could play with my friends on more or less equal footing equivalent as long as I kept up within a certain amount, and now I really feel kicked to the curb, and I am done with the whole enterprise.

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Kate Nineteen
Wed, Apr. 22nd, 2009 04:01 am (UTC)


Wed, Apr. 22nd, 2009 04:22 am (UTC)

Yeah, in my experience there really aren't that many guilds that take kindly to things like "blind runs" in WoW. I guess part of what got to me was that most of the time I played the game at any high level, I was certainly being dragged along for the ride -- outside of the Red Shirts, my max-level experience was largely with high-end raiding guilds that had all the fights memorized. Therefore, even back when I was level 60 and experienced killing Ragnaros for the first time, while I was jumping up and down in my seat, everyone else was pretty unimpressed with the whole thing -- "Alright, here's our few pieces of loot, see you all next week!"

It does seem to be the only game type that claims to have a story and yet encourages rampant FAQ-reading. Just about any other game either is something like a one-on-one fighter or sports game where learning all the moves/tricks is useful in competitive play (but not necessary), or a more story-driven game where avoiding FAQs in order to avoid spoilers is fairly common.

Edit: And yeah, I did hear about that encounter in Ulduar. For that you can blame the people that complained about the battle against Malygos, where the last phase occurs atop dragons that always have the same stats. People were angry that their shiny purpz had no effect on the last bit of the fight, so now you have this stat-scaling tank-thing instead.

Edited at 2009-04-22 04:34 am (UTC)

That gorgeous vixen
Wed, Apr. 22nd, 2009 12:03 pm (UTC)

You know I've greatly enjoyed playing with you. You got me through my bad old Patron Saint of Overpull days when anybody else would've strolled off and let me die.

I suspect your gaming will move towards different zombies, and possibly more galactic domination, neither one of which I'm very good at. So we'll just have to interact in real time.

I could deal with that.