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Maidenhead? I Bet There's A Great Story Behind That Name - The Cover Story
October 2013
Thu, Jun. 8th, 2006 08:36 am
Maidenhead? I Bet There's A Great Story Behind That Name

...So where was I? Ah, yes. The training server. With our sales person right there and the CEO arriving in two days' time to observe the training (the first class I was lead on), we needed a solution. There was one server with our product on it available, a Production server in the United States and perhap 200ms away. It wasn't a perfect match -- the software revision was months old and the only training databases I had were for later versions of the product. Still, it was the only option NCS would allow us, and I was far too tired to argue. When our contact at the client finally emerged from an afternoon of meetings, we told him we intended to load our training materials onto their US sister-project's production server and run it from there. I got the greenlight from NCS, the client, and sales, and we went back to the hotel.

Now, the first part of this class is a PowerPoint-assisted presentation on concepts in my company's methodology. I had attached to me a business specialist to give that presentation, a fellow named Steve. Steve had never seen the presentation before, so Steve, myself, and the Account Manager for this client went out to the hotel's restaurant to have dinner and go over the presentation. I was still a bit concerned about eating the beef in Britain, so I had some chicken, which proved to be remarkably good. Within 2 hours we had finished the presentation, and approximately 2000 on Monday I got back to my room, changed for bed, and started reading one of the book I had brought with me.

Based on the position I found the book in the nex morning, I made it about four pages in before exhaustion overtook me. Fortunately, I had possessed the foresight to set an alarm, and at 0700 the next morning, Issac, Arthur, Robert and Ray woke me up. Rested for the first time in what seemed like forever, I quickly showered, dressed, and headed down to breakfast. Soon we were once again on our way to the client site, where I had a six-hour window to transfer all of our training materials to the new server and undertake the mammoth task of getting all the permissions between the three disparate subsystems (CranBerry, Windows, and SQL Server) in alignment before I had to take over from Steve and start teaching the technical section of the class. So starting at approximately 0820, I took off into the dark and murky world of transsystem permissions interactions.

By 1400, I thought I had a working system. Intial tests were positive, everybody was logging in correctly, and I was able to run through the first few object creation exercises without issue on my test account. The immediate success was fortunate, as that was about the point I had to start teaching. We started running the class, and after a few minute issues with one-off permissions issues, I was able to bring the students through a fair amount of the class. Around 1645, strange things started happening. The application began looking in entirely the wrong databases for objects, returning Object Not Found errors, and when I went to investigate, an entire column on a critical page had a critical property changed, protecting it from all modification, including initial creation! What madness was this? Find out, in the continuing adventures of Bronzite In England...

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