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Jerrick at the Battle of Cyania - The Cover Story
October 2013
Mon, Feb. 9th, 2004 02:21 am
Jerrick at the Battle of Cyania

So tonight I ran Session 3 of Campaign 2004-1. There were several encounters in the game, but perhaps the most interesting, and certainly the longest, was the Battle of Cyania, a naval engagement fought six hours out of the city of Cyania on the high seas of the world in which our game takes place. The party had traveled on a privateer, the Endurance, to meet with a warship transporting a vital artifact. The warship was named Corwin's Ambition. While they were transferring cargo, the ships were attacked by two galleys, the Encroacher and the Escalade.

So the first part of the battle went reasonably intelligently. The ships maneuvered a bit, and eventually the Encroacher managed to grapple the Corwin's Ambition and send boarders over. In command of the Endurance at this time was Jerrick, a third-level druid played by taranhero. Jerrick merrily engaged the Encroacher for some time after it had grappled the Corwin, to the considerable dismay of the rest of the party, who were at the time aboard the Corwin, repelling boarders.

Although the Corwin was holding its own, the Endurance was taking a pounding and appeared to be in danger of sinking if too much more time passed. As a result, Jerrick decided his best course of action would be to grapple the Encroacher, which was already attached to the Corwin. So now there was a three ship pile around which circled the Escalade, taking what shots it could.

Not content with causing a melee across three vessels, Jerrick conjured up his low-grade magical functions to set the rigging of the Encroacher ablaze.

It is important to point out that at this time both the Corwin and the Endurance were in direct physical contact with the Encroacher. Some people embrace the neutral alignment as making sure there are no winners. Jerrick embraced his neutral alignment by trying to make sure there were no survivors. The fire on the Encroacher quickly grew out of control and spread to the two adjoining ships.

Was this enough for our party? Of course not. Realizing that with two vessels they could overwhelm the propulsion of then Encroacher, they carefully maneuvered the vessel into a collision course with her sister ship, and smashed the hulls together. It was a remarkable implementation of melee combat in naval warfare. The Encroacher and the Escalade, working in concert, where eventually able to minimize the risk presented by this problem, but it was rapidly becoming too late for the Encroacher. Finally, her crew abandon her, and the Endurance released its grapple. However, the Corwin was still caught by the Encroacher. So in a dramatic last-second act, Cidrick, another party member, dashed across the Corwin to cut the releasing cable.

In the time all this nautical combat was happening, the Encroacher had sent boarders onto both friendly vessels. The boarders on the Corwin met with limited success, but the boarders on the Endurance overran and struck down the monster Jerrick and left him to die on his own deck, his ship ablaze. That may have happened, had not Brandy, a character played by pezzonovante, run across the deck of the Encroacher even as the ship was breaking up, to Endurance. As a result, he was able to dispatch the boarders on the Endurance and navigate it away from the wreck of the Encroacher. As the Encroacher went down, the Escalade moved in to pick up survivors.

Now Brandy had run to the Endurance once the Corwin had caught fire, but the fires on the Corwin had been extinguished, and it now became obvious that the Endurance was sinking. In an attempt to take off as many people as possible, the Endurance grappled the Corwin, and Cidrick crossed over to carry Jerrick back to the Corwin. Brandy released the grapple and the Endurance sank beneath the waves.

It never ceases to amaze me when players come up with tactics and possibilities I hadn't even considered. No less than three times during this session alone, the players took an action I hadn't even thought of in my plan, and forced me to adapt the story to uncertain possibilities. For instance, at one point, the Escalade caught fire during the Battle of Cyania, and it looked as if all four ships might sink. Fortunately, the Escalade's fire was brought under control about the same time as the Corwin's. Such is the fun of being a GM.

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Mon, Feb. 9th, 2004 07:52 pm (UTC)

Just for your personal edification, both of my character sheets are here.