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Revisionists Make Me Cry - The Cover Story
October 2013
Wed, Dec. 7th, 2005 01:34 pm
Revisionists Make Me Cry

Once again, its Pearl Harbor Day, and once again, I've found myself defending the "Establishment's version of American aggression against Japan". It never ceases to amaze me that people come flat out and tell me that the United State intiated Pearl Harbor in some way. So, for the record, let me tell you what didn't happen 64 years ago today:

  • The United States bunched all of its planes at Pearl Harbor together so they would be easier to destroy by aerial bombardment.

    On November 27th of 1941, the command staff at Pearl Harbor received orders stating that they should secure their aircraft against possible sabotage by Japanese citizen and agents living in Hawaii. What's the most effecient way to guard a bunch of anything? Put it all in the same place, and post guards at that place. This is what is known as specialized defense; it makes sense if your expecting one specific type of attack (i.e., sabotage), and royally sucks if you get another kind (i.e., screaming Mitsubishi Death From Above).

    Next question: If Warships are what all military planners of the day worried about, why the hell would you make it easier to blow up your aircraft? The American public wasn't going to distinguish between 4 battleships and 160 aircraft destroyed over 4 battleships and 12 aircraft destroyed. Intentionally making aircraft easier to destroy makes no sense whatsoever no matter what your motivations are.

  • The United States was blockading Japan's oil and scrap metal supply

    So help me, if one more person throws this at me, I can't be held responsible for my actions. The US, Britain, and the Netherlands embargoed Japan's oil and scrap metal after Japan invaded China and Manchuria! You know how I'm positive that US wasn't blockading Japan? Because if we had, the war would've begun right there and then when the IJN blew our blockading force to Mars. (The US wasn't so badass in 1941)

  • The United States attacked the Japanese taskforce first and the Japanese retaliated in self-defense.

    This is a new one for 2005. Apparently, the United States attacked Nagumo's taskforce, which was peacefully sailing within striking range of Pearl Harbor. Huh? So Nagumo took 30% of the IJN to the limits of their fuel capacity in total secrecy as practice? Fortunately, Nagumo had several hundred strike aircraft (in two waves) prepped a ready to go, so rather than destroying the ships attacking him, he decides to bomb Pearl Harbor back to the stone age? Again, this one makes no sense.

    Now, in all fairness, USS Ward did sink a midget submarine before the attack began, but somehow, I don't think that's what made Nagumo decide to blow up four battleships.

  • Pearl Harbor was attacked by US planes painted to look like Japanese aircraft

    This one is just stunning. First off, it insults hundreds, if not thousands of officers and men who visually identified the aircraft types as Zeroes, Vals, and Kates. Secondly, it assumes that the thousands of support crew that would've been required for such an operation felt no to every speak of it. Finally, it requires Japan to have taken credit for the attack, without having initiated it, knowing it would certainly lead directly to war with the United States. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Now, there are many more corrections I would like to make, but I don't have the time to write a book here. Anyways, just a reminder from me on this, the 64th anniversary of the Attack at Pearl Harbor, to always check your facts.

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