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The Eastvale Incident - The Cover Story
October 2013
Thu, Jan. 13th, 2005 10:58 am
The Eastvale Incident

Last night I was hanging out in Elwynn Forest, a newbie zone in Azeroth, cleaning out quests and familiarizing myself with the locations of important NPCs in the area, when the Defense network started going beserk. The Eastvale Logging Camp was reporting attacks by Horde forces coming over the Redridge Mountains to the East, and the low-level newbies and NPC guards were no match for the onrushing force. I was at the top of the Tower of Azora, some ways West of the front. I came running down the tower just as the I got the message

[3.Local Defense] The Tower of Azora is under attack!

Oh. That's me. I come running outside and see a 40th Level Human Mage (one of the few mid-level characters in the zone) hurling spells at a 38th Level Tauren Warrior. I tossed a curse on the Warrior just before he went down, and continued running back to Goldshire, where the counterstrike force was massing.

I reached Goldshire to find it populated with a large number of Hunters, Warriors, and other fighting classes who were so fresh in the game that they didn't even have proper equipment. Something had to be done. Fortunately, I had been spending quite a bit of time practicing my engineering skilsl by building firearms. It was impractical to carry them around, so they sat in the bank at Stormwind. I told everybody with the Engineering skill or the ability to use a gun who didn't have one to sit tight. I asked if anybody had the Engineering skill. Two human characters stepped forward, saying they only had elementary engineering. I handed each of them a pile of bronze bars and rough stones (part of the engineering supplies I always carry around) and told them to start crafting light shot as fast at they could. I ran north to Stormwind as fast as my tiny gnomish legs could carry me.

Now the Stormwind Counting House is about a block from the enterance to the city, but I ran in just as several higher-level characters who had been in the city when word of the attack came down ran out. I raced to the counting house and asked the teller to open my deposit box.

In both size and shape, my safe deposit box at the Bank closely resembled an arsenal. Rough boomsticks and piles of explosives were the order of the day, since I was loath to sell the guns at a considerable loss to NPC merchants after having created them. It seemed they would come in handy. I dumped anything not directly combat-related into the box, and pulled out all the weaponry I could carry. I turned and again ran back to Goldshire carrying my heavy load of weaponry.

By the time I returned to the town, my two engineering student had finished making their light shot, and I had them distribute it to the gun-carriers while I handed out rifles to the riflemen and explosives to the engineers. I told them to cast whatever buffs they had, and lead the group down the road to Eastvale.

When we reached the Eastvale Logging Camp, there were few NPCs still alive, and the higher-level Alliance Defenders where being swamped by the horde of Horde. The lower-level Alliance defenders were already down. So I told the riflemen to aim for the attackers already in melee combat with our high-level defenders, and the engineers to rain explosive charges down on any troop concentration they could find among the enemy, then engage with their conventional weapons and spells. The resulting wave of vengeful newbies didn't so much crash against the assault, as ran within 30 or 40 yards of it and opened up with every firework they had. The result was effective. The attackers who weren't caught off guard by the arrival of reinforcements saw a large group of easy targets and began to attack, however, in doing so, they turned their backs to our high-level characters, who had just been deprived of their main opponents by a hail of dwarven rifle fire. So these defenders turned and chased the hordish characters going for the easy kill. The mere sight of the oncoming horde was enough to route most of the newbies, who turned and ran for Goldshire, but by then they had done enough -- our defenders were able to overtake and destroy the balance of the Horde attack, which had already been "softened up" by the explosive bombardment.

In all the defense of Eastvale was a textbook, if somewhat clumsily executed, defense. It was an interesting experience to actually have a chance to equip and lead a group of PCs against another group of PCs and actually have them follow my instructions. I doubt I'll see it happen again anytime soon, but it was very cool just the same.


Thu, Jan. 13th, 2005 05:09 pm (UTC)

It was an interesting experience to actually have a change to equip and lead a group of PCs against another group of PCs and actually have them follow my instructions.

Stories like this make me happy for this game.