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The End Of Part One of the Andrea Saga - The Cover Story
October 2013
Mon, Apr. 29th, 2002 09:16 pm
The End Of Part One of the Andrea Saga

Work. Bus to school. My first contact with Andrea today was about 1130. She came out of Morgan Commons talking with Joe (the fellow I mentioned from before at the film on the Quad). She actually dispatched him and came and sat with me. We shot the breeze for a while, and then I presented her with the copy of the Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide I bought for her. She seemed to like it. After that I walked with her back to Daniels. We parted ways, and I went off to African, then to complete my Lifeguard course, then played some Magic in the CC with Shep and Peter and a fellow named Abe. At dinner time I once again departed to find Andrea. This time she was laying on a couch getting a massage from some people the Healing Arts Society brought in to help students relax. As she walked out I nailed her going down the hall to Daniels. I said "feeling relaxed"? and she turned bright red and giggled. It was really remarkable. We spoke a bit more, and then we came to the door. I told her it was still inconceivable for me to think she would walk through that door, and I would not see her again until August. However, such are the ways of life. I was about to turn and walk away, and then I was suddenly endowed with a new sense of bravery, and I offered a hug, which she tentatively accepted, but fell into once she was there. I said to her, "You know, it occurs to me if I just hold you here you can't return to New Jersey." She replied "Not that again!" I chuckled and loosened my hold, letting her look me in the face. I was looking for signs of what she was thinking, but I could not find any. She just smiled at me. So I bid her a last farewell, then turned and walked away. So ends the Andrea Saga, Part 1. After that, but before the GDC Exec meeting, I went off and talked to Irma, who had told me she wasn't sleeping much as of late. We sat and talked for a while. She showed me her massive logs of s messages on the UNIX system, and a few emails. Her most recent was from Devan, saying she passed her road test today and was issued a license. I don't know why, but seeing things that came from Devan is still painful for me, even now. I hope I don't have to deal with her much in the future. Surely, if I ever have to resolve that issue, I will experience a level of emotional pain far exceeding anything I've felt up to this point. So, the final analysis in terms of my romantic life for the 2002-2003 school year:

Andrea: Met, greeted, became friends with, have penetrated to the light social hug phase.

Irma: Still gone, still in a love/hate relationship with me, dating Brian.

Rachael: Good friend, holding status, overseas until June 2002

Devan: Virtual total relationship reset; we behave like relative strangers in each other's company. Contact of any kind is very painful and awkward for me. Currently dating one of my best friends.

Lonna: A surprise relationship that blossomed early in the year, but was cut short when she had a sudden streak of bad luck culminating in her leaving Checkerboard on medical leave. Still a good friend, but not often seen. Her current relationship status with others is in flux.

Nina: Kevin scooped her up before our relationship really began. Slowly getting to know her.

I guess that's it. I probably should have another Devan rant coming up soon if my current discomfort continues or escalates, but I hope not. I just want to sleep for the summer.